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Route 169
16 November 2010

The 169 is a well established route, a replacement for the 691 trolleybus (and 91 tram before that), linking Barking and Ilford to Barkingside, but round the back way via Ley Street and Horns Road. The 169 also serves Fulwell Avenue in Barkingside, and for a time served the Thames View Estate near Barking. The latter was in replacement for part of the 179, but has itself been replaced by a new route, 369.

Following a period of single deck operation using unusual Optare Delta buses (on the DAF SB220 chassis) the 169 has now reverted to double deck operation. Nothing remarkable about the new buses, which are Stagecoach standard long wheelbase Dennis Tridents with Alexander ALX400 bodywork. The same type are still running a decade on, so it is time to provide a more up to date view, and East London's 17863 (LX03 NFH) in Clements Road, Ilford, on 2 November 2009.

Photo © Sunil Prasannan.

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See also routes 179, 369

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